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Make your 's own E-Card. Then sent them to your friend with yoyoo.com

Member E-Cards : Preview Ecard of Member Uploaded!

File Upload! To upload a file through the WWW, fill out the form below:


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It is so easy just follow the steps:

  1. prepare your card by create your own picture with editor that you have on you computer and family with such photoshop, flash etc. or just copy whatever file .gif or .jpg images that you prefer on the net.  Not: the image file size should not bigger than  150 KB.  wide*high should be such 175*250 or 200*285 or 350*350 or  370*250 and ***use English file name only and don't keep the space in the file name***
  2. After you got the image just click the Browse button upon then go to the directory on your computer where you image stored. Then click "Upload File(s)!" button and waiting for a while until complete load Up. 
  3. If the browser show that your image had upload completed then click on link  "http://www.yoyoo.com/ecard-direct/postcard.cgi?config=pd.cfg&image=upcard/your-image.gif&title=" If each thing right your card would be show up. then just type information in as normally card, begin sending your ecard!
  4. In cause you upload had been incomplete such as the file size bigger than maximum. You should click your browser back then try to upload again.

Note: Yoyoo.com have right to all  ecard uploaded to our 's server. Some quality yoyoo.com will prvide them present to public user. No adult image or out law pictures allow. 

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