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Intermediate HTML was written assuming that the reader is familiar with the concepts covered in my first tutorial, Introduction to HTML. If you have not read the first tutorial, or at least skimmed the table of contents to make sure that you have an understanding of all the subjects covered in that work, then Intermediate HTML is not yet for you.

You will, obviously, need your favorite HTML authoring program-- be it word processor, HTML editor, or generic text editor-- and a Web browser. Graphical Web browsers are always encouraged. Beyond that, a graphics program is useful. If any of this is unfamiliar or confusing to you, then you may not be ready for this tutorial.

That's pretty much it, though, except for a willingness to learn and what I estimate to be about four hours of your time. This figure may be inaccurate, but based on feedback from my first tutorial, I'm guessing that it will take about that long to finish this tutorial, including taking the quizzes.

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