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&ltinput name="find me" type="radio" value="friend"> a friend &ltbr>
&ltinput name="find me" type="radio" value="link"> a link from another page&ltbr>
&ltinput name="find me" type="radio" value="search engine"> a search engine &ltbr>
&ltinput name="find me" type="radio" value="i don't know"> I have no clue!&ltbr>

&ltdt&gtHow would you rate my page? 
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&ltoption value="5 stars"&gt5 Stars (This is awesome!)
&ltoption value="4 stars"&gt4 Stars (This is great!)
&ltoption value="3 stars"&gt3 Stars (This site is above average!)
&ltoption value="2 stars"&gt2 Stars (This site is alright, I guess.)
&ltoption value="1 star"&gt1 Star (This site should be demolished.)

&ltdt>What other pages of mine have you visited?&ltbr>
&ltinput name="pages" type="checkbox" value="main page"> The main page&ltbr>
&ltinput name="pages" type="checkbox" value="comics page"> The Comics page&ltbr>
&ltinput name="pages" type="checkbox" value="guitar page"> The Guitar page&ltbr>
&ltinput name="pages" type="checkbox" value="cartoon page"> The Cartoons page&ltbr>
&ltinput name="pages" type="checkbox" value="none"> None - I haven't been anywhere.&ltbr>

&ltdt&gtNow, tell me what you think of this page. (Please be kind!)
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