To download an animated GIF, follow these instructions:

    • When an animated GIF is displayed in the bottom right hand frame, place the mouse cursor over the animated GIF and click the right mouse button. If you have not selected an animated GIF yet, you can try this procedure on the 'Thanks For Visiting' message below.

    • From the menu which opens, select the option 'Save Image As...' or 'Save Picture as...'.

    • A 'Save As...' dialog window will open.

    • Choose the directory to which you wish to save the animated GIF and click the button.

    • To use the animated GIF on your own pages, use the following HTML code:

      <IMG SRC="<filename>"> replacing <filename> with the name of the animated GIF.

      Remember to upload the animated GIF to your server. Make sure you place the GIF in the same directory as the HTML file or in the directory you specified in the
      <IMG SRC> command.

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