Form Tutor2.02

The basic construction of a html form is this...

  <FORM>    begin a form
  <INPUT>   ask for information in one of several different ways...
  <INPUT>   ...there can be as many input areas as you wish
  </FORM>   end a form

That's html forms in a nutshell. You are now ready to make some forms! Now's a good time to stress that if you want to learn how to make quality html documents, then you would be well served to take the time to teach yourself the tags. If you rely on the so-called "form wizards" in the "easy as pie html editors" out there, you will have greatly limited flexibilty, and the end result may not be what you are trying to achieve. In my opinion the best html editors to use are text based editors. A few good ones that come to mind are CMed, HTMLpad and HTML Notepad. These editors will make your html coding easier. They don't attempt to do it for you.

Although this tutorial is not "optimised" for any particular browser, I wrote it using Netscape Navigator. If you are using MS Internet Explorer, some elements may not be supported or may be rendered a little differently.


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