Here are some kewl scripts I've found around the net. Feel free to cut and paste anything into your own pages. But please remember that I didn't write these, so I take no responsibilty for what they may do to other peoples browsers.
JavaScript Alert Message >>> View Example Page
This is a simple alert box that pops up when a page is loaded.
JavaScript Background Color Changer >>> View Example Page
This applet, taken from Benny's World, allows a visitor to change the background color of the page he is on.
JavaScript Clock >>> View Example Page
Add a clock to your page, compliments of JavaScript.
Another Clock >>> View Example Page
Here's another version of a clock.
FadeScript >>> View Example Page
Make your page fade in and out. For the complete details, visit the Fadescript Homepage.
JavaScript Name Prompt >>> View Example Page
This little applet allows for a user to type in their name, than when the page is loaded, it displays their name on the page itself.
JavaScript Order Form >>> View Example Page
This is a kewl way to add an order form on the page that will arrange the results to be mailed.
Pulldown Menu #1 >>> View Example Page
This applet will allow to add a pull down menu on to your page. They choose a page to visit, and this applet will automatically take them to that page.
Pulldown Menu #2 >>> View Example Page
Another version of the pulldown script.
Another Name Script >>> View Example Page
This is also another name script.
Rainbow Text Generator >>> View Example Page
This applet will display all the letters on the page in different colors.
Random Alert Script >>> View Example Page
This applet will display a random alert message in the page.
JavaScript Browser Test >>> View Example Page
This tests to see what browser is being used, and loads the corresponding page. It is especially useful for those who design their pages for specific browsers.
Tickertape >>> View Example Page
Here's your basic TickerTape applet. There are a million of them. Try it out.
History Buttons >>> View Example Page
These allow the users to travel your pages via buttons. They act exactly like the Back and Forward buttons in Netscape and Internet Explorer.
OnMouseOver >>> View Example Page
When you hold your mouse over a link, this applet will show you a message instead of the link.

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