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This Web Designer Classroom was design to be personal library or author at first. In order to correct personal design jobs, know ledges, news, tricks from pass experience of myself in the way of web graphic designer. Later by I had see lots of non complete structure of whole Thai web system, a weakest point that Thai people usually never pay intend. So created me attractive force to strongly decide to develop this library could be useful for new ages local web designer or student around the world. To point them walk to truth way and beginning study at the right point and would develop design way for you to search information. By cut a composition of many famous author of net to be as guide line then plus my understand and real experience up.  In order to made the net developing and translate English to Thai language for Thai student learning and from Thai to English for world designer develop. Never mean just to copy other work to be my own. By divided to sections. For some page or section that still be English that means I had think it should not be much useful to translate them, or more complicate to understand on web or still have no time yet, or still looking for other info news that might appropriate more to put in either ways.

If you would like to know some topics that could not find anywhere else, could email me. And you should type you information into our 's registration to become our 's member. In order to get more special services such as will had special activity do together between member and much more in near future. If there had too many people interested on the same topic as you or I had time and think had enough knowledge would create for you. In order to create appropriate topic right for you, save time and right to your mind. When I took some compositions of designer that I like to translate in. I will make referent to original copy. Never mean just to copy other work to be my own. Just expected could put them to be sufficient database materials and quality useful for world designer or Thai student and big enough to open service at the beginning whom will be the site target customer. By the reasons that author do not have enough working people or thinking and materials. To create quality database as original technology creator do, I decide to  copy some of them to be guide line then mix with my real personal experience translate to both English and Thai letter for web design growing. Specially on Thai web site will not copy ever and will had reference of original data always.  We are developing country who need to learn by crack technology of  developed country anyway to find out the new way or create the new technology of our 's self. It was just fast beginning as  Japan, Korea, Taiwan, etc. had success. Then use they used those new technology to produce news product or equipment. Take those to sell to original technology owner again. It was only example. You could read more the background of this website by  how to become web designer click here! Please read thru for advantage of yourself to use this site in proper way of your  and author expected. 

For some friend who are beginner and would like try to write web page with html. I had provided simple html editors for you in rest room that is most easy used. You can get into rest room then click on the editors icon on left menu bar. It might not make you to be professional suddenly, but should create your clearly understand of web writing and go to next step easier!

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Steps for creating a home page:

Get Organized! - This is how you get started 
HTML Editors - What you need to know.
FTP- Uploading your site to the Net
Search Engines - Find out how to submit your site to the world

HTML Help:

HTML <TAG> Dictionary! - A listing of every HTML Tag and what it does
RGB to HEX Color Chart - Text Format
RGB to HEX Color Chart - Graphic Format
CGI Forms - The HTML & info you need to create a guestbook or order form
Frames Tutorial - Examples & HTML for split screen frames pages
Java & Java Script - Description & Links to great Java sites
HTML Questions & Answers - Got a questions, find an answer here first.

HTML Tutorials:

Adding Sound To Your Pages Want to give them extra dimension or life?
Image Map Tutorial Image link to more than one location inside an image.
Walk-Through This guide is perfect for the HTML beginner
Frames Dividing a page into frames is actually quite simple
Forms That's html forms in a nutshell. You are now ready to make some forms!
HTML Guide for beginner's to understand the basics of HTML Programming.
CGI Programming Building Your Own CGI Program (a relatively complex one!)
Java Script Tutorials and samples.
Tables Create your own tables with this step by step guide
Forms How to create forms.
HTML Tags HTML tags what they mean.
RGB Color Codes  Standard Map of RGB color type.
Adding JavaScript How to add java script into you page!
Adding Java Applets Tip, how to add java applet into you page!
Displaying Your Pages Tip, how to show your web page to the world wild!
Adding SSI Script Tip, how to add SSI into you page make it more active!
Color Codes Table Real color source that you can just copy then try them! New Updated!

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