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this room just open, purpose to suggest meaning of web tools or how to use web editor that relate to web design. By stress to suggest people who looking for new editors or scripts but do not know which one would be appropriate or what editors should use with what type of jobs.  Specially Thai designer still never pay attention much from author experiences. And from I had best change to study in US and read many foreign books of world famous web designers. They all give important so much to "the way use tools by appropriate and right jobs." Therefore one editor would be develop up to be able to woke well on only one objective. But each producer had tried to make them more flexible as much as they could. So now they could work on many type of jobs, by the addition of marketing such as photo shop was create to work best on picture files for printing process last name .BMP-.JPG. But now on version 5 it had fast develop and more flexible could work on graphic on net last name .GIF better. Moreover could work with graphic 2D or 3D also. Those do not mean photoshop could work best on each type of graphic. If you are a designer who produce profession out put will know and shoud looking for you properly weapons and most convenient to use with you jobs. Specially for Thai designer, it was your best change that now could find cheapest each type of software. Lots of cheaper compare with foreigners.   So we should use this advantage to be useful for us. Please should not stick on only your one favorite editor, until do not like to looking to other editors that might have best ability than what you use when working on some type of jobs.  Or before decide to begin study new editor, you should knew it purpose and best point of it. In order to do not lost much time because it was natural that most user when had been get used to one, then would not like to change anyway. Even if others one could work faster and produce better quality job out put.  

We would suggest only the best point and purpose of those editors working or tools only. For people who would like to know more in deep or like to know other topic, could email me. If I think had enough knowledge would create for you and please register to become our site member also. You will get lots of special services and free offers. By addition of time just this, I had spent 1 more years to design and looking for information put in.  If many of you like to asked for as the same topic, I will skip to do it special. Wish  to be useful to most people and directly to you heart.  And this website never purpose on business much. Just would like t be suggestion center for student dreamer or person who might had knowledge some but had no change, even if most interesting to it. Therefore if you got any best things from us then you could produce developer out put. Please tell us or  email them to us some  in order to encourage  us continue develop this site for most of you. Moreover if your jobs are real good, it will be my appreciate to advertising for you too!

Note: Because of I am seriously developing the main section of this site and e-commerce. So need to stop work on this room that just be a miner section temporally. So links inside this room would did not put any information in. Just wait until I had time! If you would like to know some topics inside this room that could not find anywhere else, could email me. If there had too many people interested on the same topic as you or I had time and think had enough knowledge would create for you. In order to create appropriate topic right for you, but you need to write your short background as address, age, education, etc or your web design ability and get one addition to do some simple work that useful to me and other friend so. Just like enjoy together to create the friendship hand like as might asked you to wrote personal opinion describe one topic that you had experience relate to, depend on the cause. In order to useful to most people and recover some value of what you asked for. Any free things or get them easy always have no value. Let do enjoy together and grow up best ideology together. Do you agree!


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