Adding Sound
If you would like to add sound, there is two tags you can use. One is one you would use in the &ltbody> tag, and that is bgsound="filename.ext"

This will work, but it's kind of lame. You can also use the &ltembed> tag to do it. And this is much more feasible. Check out some of the various options, all of whick work with .wav, .mid, and .au files:

Note: If you tried but it was not work right, please try to change these tag &It to the symbol "<" instead of. Form upon example, change &ltbody> to be <body> then do the same with each tutorials so.

Automatically Load Sound
You would use the following code:
&ltEMBED SRC="filename.ext" autostart="true" autohide="false">
This tag would automatically start playing once the file was loaded (via autostart="true") and would not hide the console (via autohide="false"). If the autohide was true, you would not see the console. If autostart was "false", the user would have to push "Play" on the cosole to hear it.
User Controlled Playing
If you want the user to control the playing of the sounds, try this code: &ltEMBED SRC="filename.ext" width=135 height=60 controls=console>
This will make the console visible. Pretty simple. If you only want to show the "Play" button, use this code:
&ltEMBED SRC="filename.ext" width=34 height=23 controls=playbutton>
This will only show the play button. But there is a downer to this. The only way to stop it is to reload or go to another page. Not very feasible. And if you want the console to be limited in size, try this:
&ltEMBED SRC="filename.ext" width=144 height=15 controls=smallconsole> You can change the height and width to your desires.
Playing Portions and Volume
Let's say you only want to play a certain part of the sound file. Than do this:
&ltEMBED SRC="filename.ext" starttime=00:50 endtime=01:20 width=135 height=60 controls=console>
This will only play the time that you have specified. And if the sound file has a low volume, and you want to make it louder, try this:
&ltEMBED SRC="filename.ext" volume=60% width=135 height=60 controls=console>
This will increase the volume by 60%. That number can obviously change as you see fit.

Well, hopefully this has helped you get a basic understanding how to add sound to your pages. If I have left anything out, please let me know. And thanks again for the visit.

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