SSI Commands
Well, as soon as a I learn about programming, I'll be able to help you out alot more. Until then, I'll show you how you can use SSI (Server Side Includes) scripts into your web pages. If you're not sure you can run SSI scripts on your server, please contact your sysadmin. Oh yeah - when you want to use SSI, 9 times out of 10 you have to rename the .html file to .shtml.
<!--#exec cmd="command"-->
This allows you to run any command that is executable by the server. Such as a cp (copy) command, mv (move), or even finger. Now these examples are for UNIX. I've never messed with the NT environment, or any others for that matter.
<!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/script.cgi"-->
This is the same as above, only it allows you to run a SSI script that is in your CGI-BIN directory on the server. Take for example the random image script. It will run the script when the page is loaded. But you don't need to tell it to run. Neat.
<!--#include virtual="file.txt"-->
This handy tag allows you to display another file within your html page without having to copy the code over all the time. Nice if you have a file that changes alot.
<!--#include file=""-->
This does the same as the tag above. It includes the file into your page as if it were actually written there. This saves alot of time if documents change alot on many pages. Just change one page instead of many.
<!--#echo var="value"-->
This also allows you to include variables into your page. You can include any of the following:
DATE_LOCAL - displays the local date
DATE_GMT - displays the time in Greenwich Mean Time
DOCUMENT_NAME - displays the name of the document
DOCUMENT_URI - displays the internal URI
LAST_MODIFIED - displays the last date that the file was last modified.
<!--#fsize file="index.html"-->
This allows you to display the file size of the local page.
<!--#flastmod file="index.html"-->
Another way to display the last modified date.
<!--#config sizefmt="value"-->
This allows you to display the size of your page. You can use any of the following:
bytes - this displays the size in actual bytes, like 3,645 bytes.
abbrev - this displays the file size in abbreviations, like 3K.

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