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With the release of Dreamweaver 2.0, Macromedia takes its award-winning program to a higher level of

performance, adding new features that make this tool ideally suited for professional Web site design.

You can use Dreamweaver to create Web sites visually, with confidence that the HTML being generated

is concise and always editable, and you can use it to create the most advanced features possible on the

Web. Dreamweaver 2.0 supports the latest innovations on the Web, such as XML, Dynamic HTML, and

Cascading Style Sheets, while still ensuring that your pages work well in a variety of Web browsers. All

of the code generated by Dreamweaver is carefully created to work on as many platforms and browsers

as possible.

To meet the needs of professional Web designers, Dreamweaver introduces Roundtrip HTML


and now

Roundtrip XML


—innovative technologies that ensure your HTML code is not altered when documents

are imported into Dreamweaver, even if they were created in another program. If you need to edit the

code directly, you’ll find Dreamweaver includes a fully integrated simple text editor. For more complex

coding, Dreamweaver comes bundled with two sophisticated HTML text editors—BBEdit for the

Macintosh and HomeSite for the PC.

This Macromedia-authorized training course introduces you to Dreamweaver by guiding you step by step

through the development of sample Web projects. In this six-hour curriculum, you’ll learn to create basic

HTML pages by formatting text, inserting images, and setting links. You’ll learn about forms, tables, and

frames. You’ll even learn some of Dreamweaver’s high-end features such as Dynamic HTML and

Cascading Style Sheets.

Each lesson begins with a list of learning objectives to provide an overview of the section. Step-by-step

instructions then guide you through a set of Dreamweaver functions. All of the lessons feature sample

HTML pages and graphics to make it easy for you to follow the step-by-step exercises. These sample

files are included on the CD-ROM that accompanies this curriculum so you can easily follow along with

the lessons. If you want to create your own designs, you can replace these images and HTML pages

with your own. As you complete each lesson, you’ll learn valuable skills you can use to create any Web

project. As each exercise begins, you’ll be instructed where to find any relevant files.


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