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Macromedia Flash is the solution for producing high-impact, vector-based Web sites. Flash has

attracted an army of graphic artists and Web developers who create dazzling animations and

interfaces for the Web, adding sound, motion, and interactivity to engage Web viewers with the

kind of experience that builds brand loyalty for publishers and culture for Web sites. For excellent

examples of Flash Web sites, see


Flash is a technology explicitly designed for delivering Web-efficient content to everyone. Flash

animations are small, fast, and color-safe for the Web. Flash smooths artwork and resizes graphics

and animations to fit the viewers screen, providing full-screen viewing experiences for all browsers.

Flash sites are viewable on a variety of platforms, including Macintosh, Windows, Linux, Solaris,

IRIX, and even Web-enabled appliances, including WebTV. All receive the same high-quality

viewing experience without design compromise or the need to create alternative site views


The Web serves the needs of many publishers and many viewers. Major corporations are moving

their businesses online and seek ways to distinguish themselves from their competition. These

site publishers have two goals: to provide a "sticky" experience to keep viewers on their sites

longer and to provide engaging, fun content to encourage return traffic. Consumers use the

Web to gather information, purchase products, and collaborate with their peers while enjoying

entertaining experiences. These viewers consistently return to sites that offer better content,

including sound, motion, and interactivity.

From to, Flash is the solution for high-quality Web site designs that

effectively convey company brands while providing enjoyable interaction.


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