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15 April 1996: I've done it again. Another tutorial has been unleashed upon the world, to stand or fall as the public decrees. Why do I do it? Wish I knew. I guess it's the fame, the money, the movie deals and the appreciation of my peers. Or something.

For those who have been keeping score at home, this is the second tutorial I've written. The reaction to my first effort, Introduction to HTML, was so overwhelmingly positive that it took me very much by surprise. After all, while I had the sense that I had written a good tutorial, I certainly didn't expect to have people telling me it was the best they'd ever seen, nor did I even begin to suspect that it was good enough to be named one of the best 1,000 Web sites on the whole Internet. It was that positive feedback, more than anything else, which convinced me to continue on and write this tutorial.

Accordingly, I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who sent me feedback concerning Introduction to HTML, especially those who pointed out errors and passages which needed clarification. Your comments were of great assistance in the improvement of the text. I hope that you will do the same with this tutorial.

As always, if you do have some feedback, positive or otherwise, please use the feedback form; if you wish to send personal comments or related questions, feel free to e-mail me at

For those who are curious, this tutorial was produced using a PowerMac 9500/132 and a Macintosh PowerBook 5300cs over the course of three months, using a combination of Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, and Netscape Navigator.

This work is dedicated to everyone who has stood with me through the darkest time I've ever known. You know who you are.

Eric A. Meyer (
Information Technologies System Specialist
Library Information Technologies
Case Western Reserve University

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