CGI Scripts
Welcome to my collection of freely available CGI scripts for web pages. To the best of my knowledge, these scripts are all freeware or shareware. If I have one listed that shouldn't be, let me know and I'll remove. I also dod not right these, so I cannot help with technical support. In most cases, the creator has put in his information for people to be able to contact them. Try these first.
Form Scripts
Form Mail
This script is the one I use personally on all of my domains. It's very easy to configure, and is worl usable. It only requires 4 fields - recipient, subject, username and realname.
Form Mail
This is another popular forms script from the now famous Matt's Script Archive. Another easy to use script that is very flexible.
Search Engines and Scripts

Simple Search
The name says it all. Allows a basic boolean search of all .html files on a server. This is also taken from Matt's Script Archive.
Various Scripts
This script allows the processing of certain information from the server. It's excellent for forms, system analyzation, and more. For more information, visit the official home page.
Free Linkage
This allows people to freely ad links to a web page via forms. It works basically like a guestbook, but just without the name, email address, etc. I use it here. Take a look.
This script allows users to use a drop down list to pick a URL to go to and submit it to go to that page. This has become very popular, and it also foregoes the use of JavaScript in order to accomplish it. Nice!
Pick URL
The same thing as above, just a little different layout. Still a great script to use.
Random Image
This allows a random graphic to load on the page desired. I use it on my comics page to load various cover graphics.
Random Link
Have a random link on your page. Fill in a text file with the various links you want. When the script is started, it will randomly read one and load it.
SSI Random Image
Another random image script, but this requires SSI (Server Side Includes). If you're not sure what this is, you can look here or ask your local systems administrator or webmaster for help.
Upload Script
This neat script allows people to upload files to your server through Netscape 2.X+ browsers. Great if you accept contributions or files, and would like to allow users to be able to do this through their browser.

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